Contract disputes on a construction project can take many forms, but usually begin when one party believes that it has been treated unfairly or improperly by another party. Construction contracts and warranties exist to clarify rights and responsibilities in any construction project. Typically, construction contracts lead to satisfactory outcomes. When they do not, parties find themselves in court or arbitration. The construction attorneys at Skufca Law in Charlotte, have represented many owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and individuals through the complexities of breach of contract or breach of warranty disputes concerning a construction project.

If you contracted with a party that failed to hold up its agreement, you may be entitled to recover damages and we can help you recover all damages to which you are entitled. We work on construction breach of contract or warranty cases involving anticipatory breach, actual breach, material breach and minor breach. We file liens and lawsuits to enforce construction contracts and work with businesses and individuals involved on both large and small construction projects. We know the unique laws and standards that apply to construction projects in both North Carolina and South Carolina.

Our attorneys routinely litigate claims for breach of a construction contract or warranty, fraud and misrepresentation. We will work to obtain the full range of damages that you are entitled to, including compensatory damages, expectation damages, out-of-pocket expenses, loss of the “benefit of the bargain,” specific performance, injunctive relief and other incidental and consequential damages.

If you need experienced construction litigators who understand contract and construction law and have the knowledge and skills to protect your interests, please contact the construction law litigators at Skufca Law at (704) 376-3030.

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